4B Bus Route - Weymouth - Warmwell Cross

Bus OperatorFirst In Wessex Dorset & South Somerset
RegionSouth West
Bus Routes


4B - Weymouth - Warmwell Cross Operated by First in Wessex Dorset

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Kings Statue - Weymouth16:4016:4017:4017:4018:4018:40
Prince Regent Hotel - Weymouth16:4116:4117:4117:4118:4118:41
Greenhill Gardens - Melcombe Regis16:4216:4217:4217:4218:4218:42
Weymouth College - Melcombe Regis16:4316:4317:4317:4318:4318:43
Sealife Centre - Melcombe Regis16:4316:4317:4317:4318:4318:43
Overcombe Corner - Overcombe16:4616:4617:4617:4618:4618:46
Melstock Avenue - Overcombe16:4716:4717:4717:4718:4718:47
Chalbury Corner - Preston ( Dorset)16:4916:4917:4917:4918:4918:49
Cedar Drive - Preston ( Dorset)16:4916:4917:4917:4918:4918:49
Weymouth Bay Holiday Park - Preston ( Dorset)16:5016:5017:5017:5018:5018:50
The Spice Ship - Preston ( Dorset)16:5216:5217:5217:5218:5218:52
Plough Cottages - Osmington16:5316:5317:5317:5318:5318:53
The Sunray - Osmington16:5416:5417:5417:5418:5418:54
Osmington Garage - Osmington16:5516:5517:5517:5518:5518:55
Poxwell Cottages - Warmwell16:5816:5817:5817:5818:5818:58
Warmwell Cross - Warmwell17:0017:0018:0018:0019:0019:00

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Warmwell Cross - Warmwell09:2009:2017:0017:0018:0018:00
Poxwell Manor - Warmwell09:2209:2217:0217:0218:0218:02
Mills Road - Osmington09:2509:2517:0517:0518:0518:05
The Sunray - Osmington09:2509:2517:0517:0518:0518:05
Shortlake Lane - Osmington09:2509:2517:0517:0518:0518:05
The Spice Ship - Preston ( Dorset)09:2809:2817:0817:0818:0818:08
Fisherbridge - Preston ( Dorset)09:2809:2817:0817:0818:0818:08
Weymouth Bay Holiday Park - Preston ( Dorset)09:2909:2917:0917:0918:0918:09
Chalbury Corner - Preston ( Dorset)09:3109:3117:1117:1118:1118:11
Melstock Avenue - Overcombe09:3209:3217:1217:1218:1218:12
Overcombe Corner - Overcombe09:3309:3317:1317:1318:1318:13
Sealife Centre - Melcombe Regis09:3609:3617:1617:1618:1618:16
Melcombe Avenue - Melcombe Regis09:3609:3617:1617:1618:1618:16
Greenhill Gardens - Melcombe Regis09:3709:3717:1717:1718:1718:17
Lennox Street - Weymouth09:3809:3817:1817:1818:1818:18
Kings Statue - Weymouth09:4009:4017:2017:2018:2018:20

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Weymouth - Warmwell Cross Bus Route which is situated in the South West of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Warmwell CrossWarmwell
2Poxwell ManorWarmwell
3Mills RoadOsmington
4The SunrayOsmington
5Shortlake LaneOsmington
6The Spice ShipPreston
8Weymouth Bay Holiday ParkPreston
9Chalbury CornerPreston
10Melstock AvenueOvercombe
11Overcombe CornerOvercombe
12Sealife CentreMelcombe Regis
13Melcombe AvenueMelcombe Regis
14Greenhill GardensMelcombe Regis
15Lennox StreetWeymouth
16Kings StatueWeymouth