48 Bus Route - Burton Latimer - Kettering Town Centre

Bus OperatorStagecoach Northamptonshire
RegionUnited Kingdom
Bus Routes


48 - Burton Latimer - Kettering Town Centre Operated by Stagecoach Northamptons

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Altendiez Way - Burton Latimer06:1506:1522:1522:15
Wagon & Horses - Burton Latimer06:1606:1622:1622:16
Church Street - Burton Latimer06:1706:1722:1722:17
Orbit Mews - Burton Latimer06:1706:1722:1722:17
Langley Court - Burton Latimer06:1806:1822:1822:18
Finedon Street - Burton Latimer06:1806:1822:1822:18
Shannon Way - Burton Latimer06:1906:1922:1922:19
Glebe General Store - Burton Latimer06:2106:2122:2122:21
Polwell Lane - Burton Latimer06:2306:2322:2322:23
Grosvenor Road - Barton Seagrave06:2506:2522:2522:25
Polwell Lane - Barton Seagrave06:2506:2522:2522:25
St Botolph's Road - Barton Seagrave06:2606:2622:2622:26
Castle Way - Barton Seagrave06:2706:2722:2722:27
Barton Seagrave Hall - Barton Seagrave06:2706:2722:2722:27
Wicksteed Park - Kettering06:3106:3122:3122:31
Netherfield Road - Kettering06:3106:3122:3122:31
Woodcroft Scout Centre - Kettering06:3206:3222:3222:32
Roundhill Road - Kettering06:3306:3322:3322:33
St Mary's Hospital - Kettering06:3406:3422:3422:34
Northampton House - Kettering06:3606:3622:3622:36
Railway Station - Kettering06:3706:3722:3722:37
Police Station - Kettering06:3906:3922:3922:39
Bus Interchange - Kettering06:4006:4022:4022:40
Newland Centre - Kettering06:4406:4422:4422:44

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Newland Centre - Kettering05:2405:2421:2421:24
School Lane - Kettering05:2505:2521:2521:25
Bus Interchange - Kettering05:2805:2821:2821:28
Police Station - Kettering05:2805:2821:2821:28
St Mary's Hospital - Kettering05:2905:2921:2921:29
Roundhill Road - Kettering05:3005:3021:3021:30
Woodcroft Scout Centre - Kettering05:3005:3021:3021:30
Wicksteed Park - Kettering05:3205:3221:3221:32
Castle Way - Barton Seagrave05:3605:3621:3621:36
St Botolph's Road - Barton Seagrave05:3605:3621:3621:36
Polwell Lane - Barton Seagrave05:3705:3721:3721:37
Grosvenor Road - Barton Seagrave05:3705:3721:3721:37
Southfield Drive - Burton Latimer05:3805:3821:3821:38
Polwell Lane - Burton Latimer05:3905:3921:3921:39
Station Road - Burton Latimer05:4005:4021:4021:40
Shannon Way - Burton Latimer05:4105:4121:4121:41
Finedon Street - Burton Latimer05:4205:4221:4221:42
Orbit Mews - Burton Latimer05:4405:4421:4421:44
Wagon & Horses - Burton Latimer05:4405:4421:4421:44
Altendiez Way - Burton Latimer05:4705:4721:4721:47

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Burton Latimer - Kettering Town Centre Bus Route which is situated in the United Kingdom of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Newland CentreKettering
2School LaneKettering
3Bus InterchangeKettering
4Police StationKettering
5St Mary's HospitalKettering
6Roundhill RoadKettering
7Woodcroft Scout CentreKettering
8Wicksteed ParkKettering
9Castle WayBarton Seagrave
10St Botolph's RoadBarton Seagrave
11Polwell LaneBarton Seagrave
12Grosvenor RoadBarton Seagrave
13Southfield DriveBurton Latimer
14Polwell LaneBurton Latimer
15Station RoadBurton Latimer
16Shannon WayBurton Latimer
17Finedon StreetBurton Latimer
18Orbit MewsBurton Latimer
19Wagon & Horses PHBurton Latimer
20Altendiez WayBurton Latimer