46 Bus Route - Lincoln - Witham St Hughs - Newark

Bus OperatorStagecoach In Lincolnshire
DistrictsNottinghamshire , Lincolnshire ,
RegionEast Midlands
Bus Routes


46 - Lincoln - Witham St Hughs - Newark Operated by Stagecoach in Lincolnsh

Inbound Journey

Bus Station - Newark-on- Trent06:1516:15
Kirk Gate - Newark-on- Trent06:1516:15
A L D I - Newark-on- Trent06:1516:15
Lincoln Street - Newark-on- Trent06:1616:16
Beaumont Walk - Newark-on- Trent06:1716:17
St Leonards Church - Newark-on- Trent06:1716:17
Gainsborough Drive - Newark-on- Trent06:1716:17
Brecks Lane - Stapleford ( Lincs)06:3316:33
Bassingham Road - Carlton le Moorland06:3516:35
Vicarage Lane - Carlton le Moorland06:3616:36
St Mary's Church - Carlton le Moorland06:3616:36
Bakers Lane - Bassingham06:3816:38
War Memorial - Bassingham06:4016:40
Linga Lane Bus Shelter - Bassingham06:4216:42
Badgers Oak - Bassingham06:4316:43
Telephone Box - Thurlby nr Bassinghm06:4516:45
Greenfinch Crescent - Witham St Hughs06:5016:50
Robins Crescent - Witham St Hughs06:5016:50
Hedge Lane - Witham St Hughs06:5116:51
Meadowsweet Lane - Witham St Hughs06:5216:52
Juniper Way - Witham St Hughs06:5416:54
Meadowsweet Lane - Witham St Hughs06:5516:55
Hedge Lane - Witham St Hughs06:5616:56
Cargills Factory - Witham St Hughs06:5716:57
A46 Slip Road - Haddington ( Lincs)07:0017:00
Fosse Lane - Thorpe on the Hill07:0317:03
Post Box - Thorpe on the Hill07:0417:04
Pennells Garden Centre - South Hykeham07:0717:07
Thorpe Lane - South Hykeham07:0717:07
Grandfield Way - North Hykeham07:0817:08
Oak Farm Paddock - North Hykeham07:0817:08
Macmillan Avenue - North Hykeham07:0917:09
Memorial Hall - North Hykeham07:0917:09
Station Road - North Hykeham07:1017:10
Asda Goods Entrance - North Hykeham07:1017:10
Asda Layby - North Hykeham07:1117:11
Dore Avenue - North Hykeham07:1217:12
Wetherby Crescent - North Hykeham07:1417:14
Fosse Drive - North Hykeham07:1417:14
Sainsburys - Boultham Moor07:1617:16
Valentine Retail Park - Lincoln07:2017:20
Morrisons - Lincoln07:2017:20
University of Lincoln - Lincoln07:2217:22
County Offices - Lincoln07:2317:23
Barbican Hotel - Lincoln07:2717:27
City Bus Station - Lincoln07:3017:30

Outbound Journey

City Bus Station - Lincoln07:4017:35
Debenhams - Lincoln07:4317:38
Toys R Us - Lincoln07:4417:39
Morrisons - Lincoln07:4617:41
Valentine Retail Park - Lincoln07:4617:41
Sainsburys - Boultham Moor07:5017:45
Wetherby Crescent - North Hykeham07:5317:48
Rowan Road - North Hykeham07:5317:48
Chatsworth Drive - North Hykeham07:5417:49
Asda Layby - North Hykeham07:5417:49
Asda Goods Entrance - North Hykeham07:5517:50
Station Road - North Hykeham07:5617:51
Fox & Hounds - North Hykeham07:5617:51
Oak Farm Paddock - North Hykeham07:5717:52
Grandfield Way - North Hykeham07:5717:52
Thorpe Lane - South Hykeham07:5817:53
Pennells Garden Centre - South Hykeham07:5917:54
Post Box - Thorpe on the Hill08:0217:57
Fosse Lane - Thorpe on the Hill08:0217:57
Old Haddington Lane - Haddington ( Lincs)08:0417:59
Cargills Factory - Witham St Hughs08:0818:03
Hedge Lane - Witham St Hughs08:0918:04
Meadowsweet Lane - Witham St Hughs08:1018:05
Juniper Way - Witham St Hughs08:1218:07
Meadowsweet Lane - Witham St Hughs08:1318:08
Hedge Lane - Witham St Hughs08:1418:09
Robins Crescent - Witham St Hughs08:1518:10
Greenfinch Crescent - Witham St Hughs08:1618:11
Telephone Box - Thurlby nr Bassinghm08:2018:15
Badgers Oak - Bassingham08:2218:17
Linga Lane Bus Shelter - Bassingham08:2318:18
War Memorial - Bassingham08:2618:21
Bakers Lane - Bassingham08:2718:22
Vicarage Lane - Carlton le Moorland08:2918:24
St Mary's Church - Carlton le Moorland08:3118:26
Brecks Lane - Stapleford ( Lincs)08:3318:28
Gainsborough Drive - Newark-on- Trent08:4718:42
St Leonards Church - Newark-on- Trent08:4718:42
Beaumont Walk - Newark-on- Trent08:4818:43
Lincoln Street - Newark-on- Trent08:4818:43
A L D I - Newark-on- Trent08:4918:44
Bus Station - Newark-on- Trent08:5018:45

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Lincoln - Witham St Hughs - Newark Bus Route which is situated in the East Midlands of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Bus StationNewark
2Kirk GateNewark
4Lincoln StreetNewark
5Beaumont WalkNewark
6St Leonards ChurchNewark
7Gainsborough DriveNewark
8Brecks LaneStapleford
9Bassingham RoadCarlton le Moorland
10Recreation GroundBassingham
11St Mary's ChurchCarlton le Moorland
12Council HousesBrant Broughton
13Recreation GroundBassingham
14Recreation GroundBassingham
15Recreation GroundBassingham
16Recreation GroundBassingham
17Recreation GroundBassingham
18The Plough PHSwinderby
19The Plough PHSwinderby
20The Plough PHSwinderby
21The Plough PHSwinderby
22Fosse LaneThorpe on the Hill
23The Plough PHSwinderby
24Robins CrescentWitham St Hughs
25St Mary's ChurchCarlton le Moorland
26St Mary's ChurchCarlton le Moorland
27St Mary's ChurchCarlton le Moorland
28Fox & Hounds PHNorth Hykeham
29Fox & Hounds PHNorth Hykeham
30Fox & Hounds PHNorth Hykeham
31Fox & Hounds PHNorth Hykeham
32Macmillan AvenueNorth Hykeham
33Macmillan AvenueNorth Hykeham
34Social ClubNorth Hykeham
35Asda Goods EntranceNorth Hykeham
36Asda LaybyNorth Hykeham
37Asda LaybyNorth Hykeham
38Asda LaybyNorth Hykeham
39Fosse DriveNorth Hykeham
40Fosse DriveNorth Hykeham
41Valentine Retail ParkLincoln
43University of LincolnLincoln
44County OfficesLincoln
45Barbican HotelLincoln
46Secondary SchoolCherry Willingham