408 Bus Route - Odiham - Yateley - Farnborough

Bus OperatorStagecoach In Hants & Surrey
RegionSouth West
Bus Routes


408 - Odiham - Yateley - Farnborough Operated by Stagecoach in Hants & S

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Broad Oak Roundabout - Odiham07:35
London Road - Colt Hill07:36
High Street - Odiham07:37
Priors Corner - North Warnborough07:40
Castle Bridge Cottages - Warnborough Green07:40
Lord Derby Roundabout - Warnborough Green07:41
Berry Court - Hook ( Fleet)07:43
Rail Station - Hook ( Fleet)07:44
New White Hart - Hook ( Fleet)07:44
Gefferys House - Hook ( Fleet)07:45
Hook House Farm - Hook ( Fleet)07:46
Holt Lane - Hook ( Fleet)07:46
Borough Court Road - Murrell Green07:48
The Phoenix Inn - Pheonix Green07:51
Southern Haye - Hartley Wintney07:52
Swan Court - Hartley Wintney07:54
Park Corner Road - Hartley Wintney07:54
Hulfords Lane - Hartfordbridge07:56
Eversley Roundabout - Eversley08:04
Eversley School - Eversley Centre08:04
Kingsley Road - Eversley Centre08:05
Jarvis Close - Eversley Centre08:06
The Chequers - Eversley Cross08:07
Fox Lane - Up Green08:08
Moulsham Copse Lane - Up Green08:11
The Link - Yateley08:12
Yateley Schools - Yateley08:15
Wordsworth Avenue - Yateley08:16
Monteagle Lane - Yateley08:17
Coppice Gardens - Yateley08:18
Dungells Lane - Yateley08:18
The Oaks - Yateley08:19
The Casa Hotel - Cricket Hill08:19
Handford Lane - Cricket Hill08:20
Chapel Corner - Darby Green08:24
The Spennys - Darby Green08:25
Olde Farm Drive - Darby Green08:26
Green Lane - Blackwater ( Hants)08:27
Reading Road - Blackwater ( Hants)08:27
Frogmore Park Drive - Blackwater ( Hants)08:28
Quebec Gardens - Blackwater ( Hants)08:29
Green Lane - Hawley ( Hants)08:30
Holy Trinity Church - Hawley ( Hants)08:31
Oakfield Road - Hawley ( Hants)08:32
New Inn - Fox Lane08:35
Brookside Park - Hawley Lane08:35
Oaken Copse Crescent - Hawley Lane08:38
Sand Hill - Hawley Lane08:39
Farnborough Sixth Form College - Hawley Lane08:40
Empress Avenue - Farnborough ( Hants)08:43
Ham and Blackbird - Farnborough ( Hants)08:46
Oak Road - Farnborough ( Hants)08:48
College of Technology - Farnborough Park08:50

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Rushmoor Council Offices - Farnborough Park16:25
Kingsmead Main Road - Farnborough ( Hants)16:26
Ham and Blackbird - Farnborough ( Hants)16:28
Napolean Avenue - Farnborough ( Hants)16:30
Prospect Avenue - Farnborough Green16:30
Bradfords Garage - Farnborough Green16:31
Prince Charles Crescent - Hawley Lane16:32
Oaken Copse Crescent - Hawley Lane16:33
Sand Hill - Hawley Lane16:34
Farnborough Sixth Form College - Hawley Lane16:35
Bradfords Garage - Farnborough Green16:36
Prince Charles Crescent - Hawley Lane16:36
Brookside Park - Hawley Lane16:38
New Inn - Fox Lane16:39
Oakfield Road - Hawley ( Hants)16:40
Holy Trinity Church - Hawley ( Hants)16:41
Green Lane - Hawley ( Hants)16:41
Quebec Gardens - Blackwater ( Hants)16:42
Frogmore Park Drive - Blackwater ( Hants)16:43
Reading Road - Blackwater ( Hants)16:43
Green Lane - Blackwater ( Hants)16:44
Olde Farm Drive - Darby Green16:45
Chapel Corner - Darby Green16:47
Potley Hill Roundabout - Yateley16:49
Handford Lane - Cricket Hill16:52
The Casa Hotel - Cricket Hill16:52
The Oaks - Yateley16:53
Dungells Lane - Yateley16:53
Coppice Gardens - Yateley16:54
Dickens Way - Yateley16:55
Monteagle Lane - Yateley16:55
Wordsworth Avenue - Yateley16:56
Waitrose Stores - Yateley16:58
Robins Grove Crescent - Yateley16:59
Aylesham Way - Yateley16:59
Moulsham Copse Lane - Up Green17:02
Fox Lane - Up Green17:04
The Chequers - Eversley Cross17:06
Centre Stores - Eversley Centre17:06
Kingsley Road - Eversley Centre17:07
Eversley School - Eversley Centre17:07
Hulfords Lane - Hartfordbridge17:15
Park Corner Road - Hartley Wintney17:16
Swan Court - Hartley Wintney17:17
Southern Haye - Hartley Wintney17:17
The Phoenix Inn - Pheonix Green17:18
Borough Court Road - Murrell Green17:20
Holt Lane - Hook ( Fleet)17:21
Hook House Farm - Hook ( Fleet)17:21
Gefferys House - Hook ( Fleet)17:22
New White Hart - Hook ( Fleet)17:22
Rail Station - Hook ( Fleet)17:23
Berry Court - Hook ( Fleet)17:23
Lord Derby Roundabout - Warnborough Green17:25
Castle Bridge Cottages - Warnborough Green17:25
Priors Corner - North Warnborough17:26
High Street - Odiham17:28
London Road - Colt Hill17:28
Broad Oak Roundabout - Odiham17:30

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Rushmoor Council Offices - Farnborough Park14:45
Kingsmead Main Road - Farnborough ( Hants)14:46
Ham and Blackbird - Farnborough ( Hants)14:48
Napolean Avenue - Farnborough ( Hants)14:50
Prospect Avenue - Farnborough Green14:50
Bradfords Garage - Farnborough Green14:51
Prince Charles Crescent - Hawley Lane14:52
Oaken Copse Crescent - Hawley Lane14:53
Sand Hill - Hawley Lane14:54
Farnborough Sixth Form College - Hawley Lane14:55
Bradfords Garage - Farnborough Green14:56
Prince Charles Crescent - Hawley Lane14:56
Brookside Park - Hawley Lane14:58
New Inn - Fox Lane14:59
Oakfield Road - Hawley ( Hants)15:00
Holy Trinity Church - Hawley ( Hants)15:01
Green Lane - Hawley ( Hants)15:01
Quebec Gardens - Blackwater ( Hants)15:02
Frogmore Park Drive - Blackwater ( Hants)15:03
Reading Road - Blackwater ( Hants)15:03
Green Lane - Blackwater ( Hants)15:04
Olde Farm Drive - Darby Green15:05
Chapel Corner - Darby Green15:07
Potley Hill Roundabout - Yateley15:09
Handford Lane - Cricket Hill15:12
The Casa Hotel - Cricket Hill15:12
The Oaks - Yateley15:13
Dungells Lane - Yateley15:13
Coppice Gardens - Yateley15:14
Dickens Way - Yateley15:16
Monteagle Lane - Yateley15:16
Wordsworth Avenue - Yateley15:17
Yateley Schools - Yateley15:20
Moulsham Copse Lane - Up Green15:23
Fox Lane - Up Green15:24
The Chequers - Eversley Cross15:26
Centre Stores - Eversley Centre15:26
Kingsley Road - Eversley Centre15:27
Eversley School - Eversley Centre15:27
Hulfords Lane - Hartfordbridge15:35
Park Corner Road - Hartley Wintney15:36
Swan Court - Hartley Wintney15:37
Southern Haye - Hartley Wintney15:37
The Phoenix Inn - Pheonix Green15:38
Borough Court Road - Murrell Green15:40
Holt Lane - Hook ( Fleet)15:41
Hook House Farm - Hook ( Fleet)15:41
Gefferys House - Hook ( Fleet)15:42
New White Hart - Hook ( Fleet)15:42
Rail Station - Hook ( Fleet)15:43
Berry Court - Hook ( Fleet)15:43
Lord Derby Roundabout - Warnborough Green15:45
Castle Bridge Cottages - Warnborough Green15:45
Priors Corner - North Warnborough15:46
High Street - Odiham15:48
London Road - Colt Hill15:48
Broad Oak Roundabout - Odiham15:50

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Odiham - Yateley - Farnborough Bus Route which is situated in the South West of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Rushmoor Council OfficesFarnborough Park
2Kingsmead Main RoadFarnborough
3Ham and BlackbirdFarnborough
4Napolean AvenueFarnborough
5Prospect AvenueFarnborough Green
6Bradfords GarageFarnborough Green
7Prince Charles CrescentHawley Lane
8Oaken Copse CrescentHawley Lane
9Sand HillHawley Lane
10Farnborough Sixth Form CollegeHawley Lane
11Brookside ParkHawley Lane
12New InnFox Lane
13Oakfield RoadHawley
14Holy Trinity ChurchHawley
15Green LaneHawley
16Quebec GardensBlackwater
17Frogmore Park DriveBlackwater
18Reading RoadBlackwater
19Green LaneBlackwater
20Olde Farm DriveDarby Green
21Chapel CornerDarby Green
22Potley Hill RoundaboutYateley
23Handford LaneCricket Hill
24The Casa HotelCricket Hill
25The OaksYateley
26Dungells LaneYateley
27Coppice GardensYateley
28Dickens WayYateley
29Monteagle LaneYateley
30Wordsworth AvenueYateley
31Waitrose StoresYateley
32Yateley SchoolsYateley
33Robins Grove CrescentYateley
34Aylesham WayYateley
35Moulsham Copse LaneUp Green
36Fox LaneUp Green
37The ChequersEversley Cross
38Centre StoresEversley Centre
39Kingsley RoadEversley Centre
40Eversley SchoolEversley Centre
41Hulfords LaneHartfordbridge
42Park Corner RoadHartley Wintney
43Swan CourtHartley Wintney
44Southern HayeHartley Wintney
45The Phoenix InnPhoenix Green
46Borough Court RoadMurrell Green
47Holt LaneHook
48Hook House FarmHook
49Gefferys HouseHook
50New White HartHook
51Rail StationHook
52Berry CourtHook
53Lord Derby RoundaboutWarnborough Green
54Castle Bridge CottagesWarnborough Green
55Priors CornerNorth Warnborough
56High StreetOdiham
57London RoadColt Hill
58Broad Oak RoundaboutOdiham