402 Bus Route - All Hallows School - Farnborough - Hawley Lane

Bus OperatorStagecoach In Hants & Surrey
DistrictsHampshire , Surrey,
RegionsSouth West, South East,
Bus Routes


402 - All Hallows School - Farnborough - Hawley Lane Operated by Stagecoach in Hants & S

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Shopping Parade - Hawley Lane07:41
Covey Close - Hawley Lane07:42
Brookside Park - Hawley Lane07:43
Hawley Lane - Fox Lane07:44
Derry Road - Fox Lane07:46
All Saints Church - Fox Lane07:47
Sandy Lane - Fox Lane07:47
Irvine Drive - Fox Lane07:48
Mendip Road - Fox Lane07:49
Lakeside Gardens - Cove ( Farnborough)07:49
Hill Corner Mobile Homes - Cove ( Farnborough)07:50
Pinewood School - Cove ( Farnborough)07:51
Bartons Way - Cove ( Farnborough)07:52
Pinewood Park - Cove ( Farnborough)07:52
Pinewood Park - Cove ( Farnborough)07:53
Lakeside Gardens - Cove ( Farnborough)07:53
Mendip Road - Fox Lane07:54
Irvine Drive - Fox Lane07:55
Hawley Court - Fox Lane07:56
Medway Drive - Fox Lane07:57
Cove Manor School - Cove ( Farnborough)07:57
Birchett Road - Cove ( Farnborough)07:58
West Heath Road - Rafborough07:59
Nash Close - Rafborough08:01
Highfield Road - Rafborough08:02
Tradesmans Arms - Farnborough ( Hants)08:03
Cove Green - Farnborough ( Hants)08:04
Victoria Road - Farnborough ( Hants)08:07
Kingsmead North - Farnborough ( Hants)08:08
Kingsmead South - Farnborough ( Hants)08:10
College of Technology - Farnborough Park08:12
Albert Road - South Farnborough08:13
Church Road West - South Farnborough08:14
Buller Court - South Farnborough08:16
Shaftesbury Court - South Farnborough08:17
Netley Street - North Camp08:18
Napier Gardens - North Camp08:19
Hammersley Road - Aldershot08:20
Prince's Avenue - Montgomery Lines08:22
St Andrews Church - Montgomery Lines08:23
Steele's Road - Montgomery Lines08:25
Hospital Road - Montgomery Lines08:26
Hospital Hill - Aldershot08:27
Princes Hall - Aldershot08:27
Old Town Hall - Aldershot08:28
Halimote Road - Aldershot08:29
Bridge Road - Aldershot08:31
Hillside Road - Aldershot08:31
Duke of York - Aldershot08:32
The Laurels - Weybourne ( Surrey)08:34
All Hallows School - Weybourne ( Surrey)08:35

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
All Hallows School - Weybourne ( Surrey)15:25
The Laurels - Weybourne ( Surrey)15:25
Duke of York - Aldershot15:26
Hillside Road - Aldershot15:27
Bridge Road - Aldershot15:28
Halimote Road - Aldershot15:29
Old Town Hall - Aldershot15:29
Lime Street - Aldershot15:30
Hospital Hill - Aldershot15:32
Hospital Road - Montgomery Lines15:33
Steele's Road - Montgomery Lines15:34
St Andrews Church - Montgomery Lines15:35
Prince's Avenue - Montgomery Lines15:36
Hammersley Road - Aldershot15:37
Napier Gardens - North Camp15:38
Netley Street - North Camp15:40
Shaftesbury Court - South Farnborough15:41
Buller Court - South Farnborough15:41
Church Road West - South Farnborough15:43
Albert Road - South Farnborough15:44
College of Technology - South Farnborough15:45
Rushmoor Council Offices - Farnborough Park15:47
Kingsmead South - Farnborough ( Hants)15:50
Kingsmead North - Farnborough ( Hants)15:50
Victoria Road - Farnborough ( Hants)15:51
Cove Green - Farnborough ( Hants)15:52
Tradesmans Arms - Farnborough ( Hants)15:54
Ivy Leaf Club - Rafborough15:55
Nash Close - Rafborough15:56
West Heath Road - Rafborough15:57
Andrews Road - Rafborough15:57
Birchett Road - Cove ( Farnborough)15:58
Cove Manor School - Cove ( Farnborough)15:59
Medway Drive - Fox Lane16:00
Hawley Court - Fox Lane16:01
Sandy Lane - Fox Lane16:01
Irvine Drive - Fox Lane16:01
Mendip Road - Fox Lane16:02
Lakeside Gardens - Cove ( Farnborough)16:02
Hill Corner Mobile Homes - Cove ( Farnborough)16:03
Pinewood School - Cove ( Farnborough)16:04
Bartons Way - Cove ( Farnborough)16:04
Pinewood Park - Cove ( Farnborough)16:05
Pinewood Park - Cove ( Farnborough)16:06
Lakeside Gardens - Cove ( Farnborough)16:06
Mendip Road - Fox Lane16:06
Irvine Drive - Fox Lane16:07
The Fox Inn - Fox Lane16:08
Derry Road - Fox Lane16:09
Hawley Lane - Fox Lane16:10
Brookside Park - Hawley Lane16:10
Covey Close - Hawley Lane16:11
Shopping Parade - Hawley Lane16:13

Inbound Journey

Map of the - All Hallows School - Farnborough - Hawley Lane Bus Route which is situated in the South East of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Shopping ParadeHawley Lane
2Covey CloseHawley Lane
3Brookside ParkHawley Lane
4Hawley LaneFox Lane
5Derry RoadFox Lane
6All Saints ChurchFox Lane
7Sandy LaneFox Lane
8Irvine DriveFox Lane
9Mendip RoadFox Lane
10Lakeside GardensCove
11Hill Corner Mobile HomesCove
12Pinewood SchoolCove
13Bartons WayCove
14Pinewood ParkCove
15Pinewood ParkCove
16Lakeside GardensCove
17Mendip RoadFox Lane
18Irvine DriveFox Lane
19Hawley CourtFox Lane
20Medway DriveFox Lane
21Cove Manor SchoolCove
22Birchett RoadCove
23West Heath RoadRafborough
24Nash CloseRafborough
25Highfield RoadRafborough
26Tradesmans ArmsFarnborough
27Cove GreenFarnborough
28Victoria RoadFarnborough
29Kingsmead NorthFarnborough
30Kingsmead SouthFarnborough
31College of TechnologyFarnborough Park
32Albert RoadSouth Farnborough
33Church Road WestSouth Farnborough
34Buller CourtSouth Farnborough
35Shaftesbury CourtSouth Farnborough
36Netley StreetNorth Camp
37Napier GardensNorth Camp
38Hammersley RoadAldershot
39Prince's AvenueMontgomery Lines
40St Andrews ChurchMontgomery Lines
41Steele's RoadMontgomery Lines
42Hospital RoadMontgomery Lines
43Hospital HillAldershot
44Princes HallAldershot
45Old Town HallAldershot
46Halimote RoadAldershot
47Bridge RoadAldershot
48Hillside RoadAldershot
49Duke of YorkAldershot
50Woodlands AvenueWeybourne
51All Hallows SchoolWeybourne