4 Bus Route - Skegness - Louth - York

Bus OperatorHunts Coaches
DistrictsYork, Lincolnshire ,
RegionsYorkshire, East Midlands,
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4 - Skegness - Louth - York Operated by Hunts Coaches

Inbound Journey

St George's Field Coach Park - York ( N York)17:00
Bus Station - Louth19:15
Garage - Ulceby Cross19:30
Library - Alford ( Lincs)19:35
Spar Shop - Bilsby19:40
Washdyke Lane - Mumby19:45
Telephone Box - Hogsthorpe19:49
Community Centre - Hogsthorpe19:50
Elizabeth Drive - Chapel St. Leonards19:53
St Leonards Drive - Chapel St. Leonards19:54
Acacia Avenue - Chapel Point19:55
Phoenix Care Centre - Chapel St. Leonards19:56
Buckingham Drv - Chapel St. Leonards19:58
Bus Station - Chapel St. Leonards20:00
Eastview Close - Chapel St. Leonards20:01
Golden Palm Resort - Chapel St. Leonards20:02
Holiday Camp - Chapel St. Leonards20:02
Kings Caravan Park - Chapel St. Leonards20:03
Trunch Lane - Chapel St. Leonards20:03
Church Lane - Ingoldmells20:04
St Paul's Church - Ingoldmells20:05
Police Station - Ingoldmells20:05
The Villager - Ingoldmells20:06
Fantasy Island - Ingoldmells20:06
Coronation Road - Ingoldmells20:06
Cherry Tree - Ingoldmells20:07
Butlins - Ingoldmells20:07
Butlins Main Gate - Ingoldmells20:07
Stows Caravan Site - Winthorpe ( Lincs)20:08
Seathorne Crescent - Winthorpe ( Lincs)20:09
Winthorpe Avenue - Winthorpe ( Lincs)20:10
Seathorne Primary School - Winthorpe ( Lincs)20:10
Church Lane - Winthorpe ( Lincs)20:10
West Way - Winthorpe ( Lincs)20:11
Elmhirst Avenue - Skegness20:11
Hoylake Drive - Skegness20:11
St Andrews Drive - Skegness20:12
The Seaview - Skegness20:12
Seal Sanctuary - Skegness20:12
County Hotel - Skegness20:13
Scarborough Esplanade - Skegness20:13
Embassy Centre - Skegness20:15
Beresford Avenue - Skegness20:16
Lumley Avenue - Skegness20:17
Lincolnshire Imp Cafe - Skegness20:20

Outbound Journey

Lincolnshire Imp Cafe - Skegness08:00
Lumley Avenue - Skegness08:01
Tower Cinema - Skegness08:02
Embassy Centre - Skegness08:05
Scarborough Esplanade - Skegness08:05
County Hotel - Skegness08:05
Seal Sanctuary - Skegness08:06
The Seaview - Skegness08:06
St Andrews Drive - Skegness08:06
Muirfield Drive - Skegness08:07
Elmhirst Avenue - Skegness08:07
North Shore Road - Skegness08:08
West Way - Winthorpe ( Lincs)08:08
Church Lane - Winthorpe ( Lincs)08:09
Winthorpe Avenue - Winthorpe ( Lincs)08:10
Seathorne Crescent - Winthorpe ( Lincs)08:10
Stows Caravan Site - Winthorpe ( Lincs)08:11
Butlins Main Gate - Ingoldmells08:11
Butlins - Ingoldmells08:12
Cherry Tree - Ingoldmells08:13
Coronation Road - Ingoldmells08:13
Fantasy Island - Ingoldmells08:14
The Villager - Ingoldmells08:14
Police Station - Ingoldmells08:15
St Paul's Church - Ingoldmells08:15
Church Lane - Ingoldmells08:16
Rectory Lane - Chapel St. Leonards08:16
Trunch Lane - Chapel St. Leonards08:17
Kings Caravan Park - Chapel St. Leonards08:17
Holiday Camp - Chapel St. Leonards08:17
Golden Palm Resort - Chapel St. Leonards08:18
Eastview Close - Chapel St. Leonards08:19
Bus Station - Chapel St. Leonards08:20
Buckingham Drv - Chapel St. Leonards08:20
Phoenix Care Centre - Chapel St. Leonards08:21
Acacia Avenue - Chapel Point08:25
St Leonards Drive - Chapel St. Leonards08:26
Elizabeth Drive - Chapel St. Leonards08:27
Community Centre - Hogsthorpe08:30
Saracens Head - Hogsthorpe08:30
Bracken Lane - Hogsthorpe08:31
Washdyke Lane - Mumby08:35
Spar Shop - Bilsby08:40
Library - Alford ( Lincs)08:45
Garage - Ulceby Cross08:50
Bus Station - Louth09:10
St George's Field Coach Park - York ( N York)11:35

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Skegness - Louth - York Bus Route which is situated in the East Midlands of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1St George's Field Coach ParkYork
2Bus StationLouth
3GarageUlceby Cross
5Spar ShopBilsby
7Thrumber Marsh LaneMumby
9Thrumber Marsh LaneMumby
10Tavern LaneHogsthorpe
11Acacia AvenueChapel Point
12Acacia AvenueChapel Point
13Acacia AvenueChapel Point
14Bus StationChapel St Leonards
15Bus StationChapel St Leonards
16Golden Palm ResortChapel St Leonards
17Golden Palm ResortChapel St Leonards
18Golden Palm ResortChapel St Leonards
19Golden Palm ResortChapel St Leonards
20Golden Palm ResortChapel St Leonards
21St Paul's ChurchIngoldmells
22Police StationIngoldmells
23Police StationIngoldmells
24Fantasy IslandIngoldmells
25Fantasy IslandIngoldmells
26Fantasy IslandIngoldmells
31Winthorpe AvenueWinthorpe
32Winthorpe AvenueWinthorpe
33Winthorpe AvenueWinthorpe
34Winthorpe AvenueWinthorpe
35Winthorpe AvenueWinthorpe
36Winthorpe AvenueWinthorpe
37Winthorpe AvenueWinthorpe
38Winthorpe AvenueWinthorpe
39Winthorpe AvenueWinthorpe
40Winthorpe AvenueWinthorpe
41Winthorpe AvenueWinthorpe
42Embassy CentreSkegness
43Embassy CentreSkegness
44Lumley AvenueSkegness
45Lincolnshire Imp CafeSkegness