33 Bus Route - Newcastle - Seabridge

Bus OperatorD&g Bus
RegionWest Midlands
Bus Routes


33 - Newcastle - Seabridge Operated by D&G Bus

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Bus Station - Newcastle Town Centr10:0310:0312:0312:0314:0314:03
Lower Street - Newcastle Town Centr10:0410:0412:0412:0414:0414:04
Sneyd Arms - Westlands N Cas Lyme10:0510:0512:0512:0514:0514:05
Pembroke Drive - Westlands N Cas Lyme10:0610:0612:0612:0614:0614:06
Brookside Close - Westlands N Cas Lyme10:0610:0612:0612:0614:0614:06
Bowling Green - Westlands N Cas Lyme10:0710:0712:0712:0714:0714:07
The Cresent - Westlands N Cas Lyme10:0810:0812:0812:0814:0814:08
The Square - Westlands N Cas Lyme10:0910:0912:0912:0914:0914:09
Dartmouth Avenue - Westlands N Cas Lyme10:1010:1012:1012:1014:1014:10
Seabridge School - Westlands N Cas Lyme10:1110:1112:1112:1114:1114:11
Langford Road - Seabridge10:1210:1212:1212:1214:1214:12
Ridgmont Road - Seabridge10:1310:1312:1312:1314:1314:13
Castel Close - Seabridge10:1510:1512:1512:1514:1514:15

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Castel Close - Seabridge10:1510:1512:1512:1514:1514:15
Ridgmont Road - Seabridge10:1710:1712:1712:1714:1714:17
Repton Drive - Westlands N Cas Lyme10:1810:1812:1812:1814:1814:18
Dulverton Avenue - Westlands N Cas Lyme10:2010:2012:2012:2014:2014:20
Vichy Close - Westlands N Cas Lyme10:2310:2312:2312:2314:2314:23
Rothesay Avenue - Westlands N Cas Lyme10:2410:2412:2412:2414:2414:24
Roseacre - Thistleberry10:2510:2512:2512:2514:2514:25
The Thistleberry Hotel - Thistleberry10:2510:2512:2512:2514:2514:25
Sneyd Arms - Westlands N Cas Lyme10:2610:2612:2612:2614:2614:26
Lower Street - Newcastle Town Centr10:2710:2712:2712:2714:2714:27
Bus Station - Newcastle Town Centr10:2910:2912:2912:2914:2914:29

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Newcastle - Seabridge Bus Route which is situated in the West Midlands of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Castel CloseSeabridge
2Ridgmont RoadSeabridge
3Repton DriveWestlands
4Dulverton AvenueWestlands
5Vichy CloseWestlands
6Rothesay AvenueWestlands
8The Thistleberry HotelThistleberry
9Sneyd ArmsWestlands
10Lower StreetNewcastle Town Centre
11Bus StationNewcastle Town Centre