237N Bus Route -

Bus OperatorStagecoach Manchester
DistrictsGreater Manchester , Derbyshire ,
RegionsNorth West, East Midlands,
Bus Routes


237N - Manchester - Ashton - Glossop Operated by Stagecoach Manchester

Outbound Journey

Piccadilly Gardens - Manchester ( Pic Gdn)02:3002:30
Lever Street/ Warwick Street - Manchester ( Centre)02:3002:30
Great Ancoats Street/ Jersey Street - Ancoats02:3102:31
Great Ancoats Street/ Laystall Street - Ancoats02:3202:32
Great Ancoats Street/ Old Mill Street - Ancoats02:3202:32
Great Ancoats Street/ Adair Street - Ancoats02:3302:33
Every Street/ Carruthers Street - Ancoats02:3402:34
Holt Town Tram Stop - Holt Town02:3402:34
Ashton New Road/ Councillor Street - Beswick ( Gt Man)02:3502:35
Ashton New Road/ Etihad Stadium - Sportcity02:3602:36
Ashton New Road/ Grey Mare Lane - Sportcity02:3702:37
Velopark Tram Stop - Sportcity02:3702:37
Ashton New Road/ City Academy - Clayton ( Gt Man)02:3802:38
Ashton New Road/ North Road - Clayton ( Gt Man)02:3902:39
Clayton Hall Tram Stop - Clayton ( Gt Man)02:3902:39
Ashton New Road/ Canberra Street - Clayton ( Gt Man)02:4002:40
Ashton New Road/ Schofield Street - Clayton ( Gt Man)02:4002:40
Ashton New Road/ Aldi - Clayton ( Gt Man)02:4102:41
Edge Lane Tram Stop - Droylsden02:4202:42
Manchester Road/ Buxton Lane - Droylsden02:4202:42
Cemetery Road Tram Stop - Droylsden02:4302:43
Manchester Road/ Tesco - Droylsden02:4402:44
Droylsden Tram Stop - Droylsden02:4502:45
Ashton Road/ Williamson Lane - Droylsden02:4502:45
Droylsden Road/ Kershaw Lane - Fairfield/ Tameside02:4602:46
Audenshaw Metrolink Stop - Audenshaw02:4602:46
Manchester Road/ Snipe Inn - Ashton Moss02:4702:47
Manchester Road/ William Street - Ashton Moss02:4902:49
Manchester Road/ Chester Square - Chester Square02:4902:49
Stamford Street/ Old Square - Ashton-under- Lyne02:5202:52
Wellington Road/ Market Hall - Ashton-under- Lyne02:5302:53
Ashton Bus Station - Ashton-under- Lyne02:5502:55
Wellington Road/ Market Hall - Ashton-under- Lyne02:5502:55
Penny Meadow/ Crickets Lane - Ashton-under- Lyne02:5602:56
Beaufort Road/ Tameside College - Cockbrook02:5702:57
Beaufort Road/ Heys Road - Cockbrook02:5802:58
Stamford Street/ Stamford Park - Stamford Park02:5802:58
Stamford Street/ Astley Road - Stamford Park02:5902:59
Rassbottom Street/ Thompson Cross - Stalybridge03:0003:00
Rassbottom Street/ Stalybridge Station - Stalybridge03:0003:00
Waterloo Road/ Market Street - Stalybridge03:0103:01
Armentieres Square - Stalybridge03:0203:02
Acres Lane/ Park Street - Stalybridge03:0203:02
Mottram Road/ Stocks Lane - Stalybridge03:0303:03
Mottram Road/ Grey Street - Stalybridge03:0403:04
Mottram Road/ Cheetham Park - Bower Fold03:0403:04
Mottram Road/ Bower Fold - Bower Fold03:0503:05
Mottram Road/ Early Bank - Woodlands/ Tameside03:0503:05
Mottram Road/ Woodlands Road - Woodlands/ Tameside03:0503:05
Mottram Road/ Woodend Lane - Woodlands/ Tameside03:0703:07
Mottram Road/ Dog and Partridge - Bardsley Gate03:0803:08
Mottram Road/ Waggon and Horses - Bardsley Gate03:0903:09
Roe Cross Road/ Roe Cross Hotel - Mottram in Longdenda03:1003:10
Roe Cross Road/ Old Road - Mottram in Longdenda03:1103:11
Stalybridge Road/ Rushycroft - Mottram in Longdenda03:1103:11
Mottram Moor/ Junction Inn - Mottram in Longdenda03:1203:12
Mottram Moor/ Fern Cottages - Mottram in Longdenda03:1303:13
Mottram Moor/ Carrhouse Lane - Mottram in Longdenda03:1403:14
Mottram Moor/ Gun Inn - Hollingworth03:1503:15
Market Street/ Hollingworth Clinic - Hollingworth03:1503:15
Market Street/ King Street - Hollingworth03:1603:16
Manchester Road/ Millbrook - Hollingworth03:1703:17
Arnfield Towers - Tintwistle03:1703:17
Matthew Close - Tintwistle03:1803:18
New Road - Tintwistle03:1903:19
Goddard Lane - Hadfield03:2003:20
Waterside Business Park - Hadfield03:2103:21
Albert Street - Hadfield03:2103:21
Masons Arms - Hadfield03:2203:22
Railway Station - Hadfield03:2303:23
St Andrews Church - Hadfield03:2303:23
Castle Street - Hadfield03:2303:23
Glossopdale College - Hadfield03:2403:24
Thorncliffe Road - Hadfield03:2403:24
The Sycamores - Hadfield03:2503:25
Industrial Estate - Dinting Vale03:2503:25
Works - Dinting Vale03:2603:26
Glossop Road - Dinting Vale03:2603:26
Primary School - Dinting Vale03:2703:27
The Junction - Dinting Vale03:2703:27
Grapes Inn - Glossop03:2803:28
Sunlaws Street - Glossop03:2803:28
St Marys Road - Glossop03:2803:28
Arundel Street - Glossop03:2903:29
Henry Street - Glossop03:3003:30