219 Bus Route - Manchester - Openshaw - Ashton - Stalybridge

DistrictGreater Manchester
RegionNorth West
Bus Routes

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Manchester - Openshaw - Ashton - Stalybridge Bus Route which is situated in the North West of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Town Lane/High SchoolDenton
2Town Lane/Merlyn AvenueDenton
3City Avenue/Shoecroft AvenueDenton
4Ruby Street/Manchester RoadDenton
5Seymour Street/Belmont AvenueDenton
6Taylor Lane/Denton Community CollegeDenton
7Corporation Road/Egerton StreetDenton
8Corporation Road/The HawthornsAudenshaw
9Stamford Road/Audenshaw SchoolAudenshaw
10Stamford Road/Old Pack HorseAudenshaw
11Guide Lane/Hooley HillHooley Hill
12Guide Lane/Queens ArmsHooley Hill
13Ashton Bus StationAshton Under Lyne
14Guide Lane/ClinicHooley Hill
15Katherine St/Cavendish StAshton Under Lyne
16Katherine Street/Margaret StChester Square
17Stockport Road/Chester SquareChester Square
18Stockport Road/Grosvenor StreetGuide Bridge
19Stockport Road/Trafalgar SquareGuide Bridge
20Stockport Road/Oxford ParkGuide Bridge
21Audenshaw Rd/Guide BridgeGuide Bridge
22Audenshaw Road/PlazaGuide Bridge
23Audenshaw Road/Hanging Gate InnGuide Bridge
24Audenshaw Road/Stamford RoadAudenshaw
25Audenshaw Road/Lumb LaneAudenshaw
26Audenshaw Road/Trafalgar AvenueAudenshaw
27Audenshaw Road/Kershaw LaneFairfield
28Audenshaw Road/The TroughFairfield
29Manchester Road/Charles AvenueFairfield
30Manchester Road/Booth RoadFairfield
31Ashton Old Road/Fairfield AvenueFairfield
32Ashton Old Road/Rosina StreetFairfield
33Ashton Old Rd/Gransmoor RdHigher Openshaw
34Ashton Old Rd/Fairfield RdHigher Openshaw
35Ashton Old Road/LidlOpenshaw
36Ashton Old Road/Lees StreetOpenshaw
37Ashton Old Road/Louisa StreetOpenshaw
38Ashton Old Road/Victoria StreetOpenshaw
39Ashton Old Road/Greenside StreetOpenshaw
40Ashton Old Road/Welcomb StreetOpenshaw
41Ashton Old Road/Crossley HouseOpenshaw
42Ashton Old Road/Clayton Lane SthOpenshaw
43Ashton Old Road/Pottery LaneBeswick
44Ashton Old Road/Kay StreetBeswick
45Ashton Old Road/Stainforth StreetBeswick
46Ashton Old Road/Claribel StreetArdwick
47Ashton Old Road/Rondin RoadArdwick
48Ashton Old Rd/Chancellor LnArdwick
49Fairfield Street/Mancunian WayArdwick
50Fairfield St/Piccadilly Rail StnManchester City Centre
51Aytoun Street/Minshull StreetManchester City Centre
52Stalybridge Bus StationStalybridge
53Rassbottom St/Stalybridge StnStalybridge
54Rassbottom Street/Thompson CrossStalybridge
55Stamford Park/Astley RoadStamford Park
56Stamford Street/Stamford ParkStamford Park
57Stamford St/Granville StCockbrook
58Park Parade/Cobden StreetCockbrook
59Penny Meadow/Glebe StreetAshton Under Lyne
60Penny Meadow/Swan StreetAshton Under Lyne
61Wellington Rd/Market HallAshton Under Lyne
62Ashton Bus StationAshton Under Lyne