218 Bus Route - Mansfield - Oak Tree Estate - Forest Town

Bus OperatorNottsbus
RegionEast Midlands
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218 - Mansfield - Oak Tree Estate - Forest Town Operated by NottsBus

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
Bus Station - Mansfield ( Notts)09:4509:4512:4512:45
Bishop Street - Mansfield ( Notts)09:4809:4812:4812:48
Baums Lane - Mansfield ( Notts)09:5109:5112:5112:51
St Margaret Street - Mansfield ( Notts)09:5309:5312:5312:53
Newton Street - Mansfield ( Notts)09:5309:5312:5312:53
Fisher Lane - Mansfield ( Notts)09:5409:5412:5412:54
Windsor Road - Berry Hill ( Notts)09:5509:5512:5512:55
Recreation Ground - Berry Hill ( Notts)09:5509:5512:5512:55
Berry Hill Close - Berry Hill ( Notts)09:5609:5612:5612:56
Berry Hill Road - Berry Hill ( Notts)09:5709:5712:5712:57
Woodside Avenue - Berry Hill ( Notts)09:5909:5912:5912:59
Chatsworth Drive - Berry Hill Park10:0010:0013:0013:00
Chestnut Hill - Berry Hill Park10:0110:0113:0113:01
Black Scotch Lane - Berry Hill Park10:0210:0213:0213:02
The Avenue - Berry Hill Park10:0310:0313:0313:03
Thorpe Road - Bellamy Road Estate10:0310:0313:0313:03
Old Newark Road - Bellamy Road Estate10:0410:0413:0413:04
Redruth Drive - Bellamy Road Estate10:0410:0413:0413:04
Old Newark Road - Bellamy Road Estate10:0510:0513:0513:05
Thorpe Road - Bellamy Road Estate10:0610:0613:0613:06
Colston Road - Bellamy Road Estate10:0610:0613:0613:06
Bingham Road - Bellamy Road Estate10:0710:0713:0713:07
Industrial Estate - Mansfield ( Notts)10:0710:0713:0713:07
Bellamy Road - Mansfield ( Notts)10:0710:0713:0713:07
Oakwood Road - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:0810:0813:0813:08
Mappleton Drive - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:0910:0913:0913:09
Tesco - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:0910:0913:0913:09
Sawley Drive - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:1010:1013:1013:10
Sandown Road - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:1010:1013:1013:10
Teal Avenue - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:1110:1113:1113:11
Winster Way - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:1210:1213:1213:12
The Golf Centre - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:1210:1213:1213:12
Burnaston Road - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:1310:1313:1313:13
Edale Road - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:1310:1313:1313:13
Jubilee Way North - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:1410:1413:1413:14
Hollingwell Drive - Mansfield ( Notts)10:1410:1413:1413:14
Penzance Place - Mansfield ( Notts)10:1510:1513:1513:15
Oak Tree Lane - Mansfield ( Notts)10:1510:1513:1513:15
Coronation Drive - Sherwood Hall10:1710:1713:1713:17
Princess Avenue - Sherwood Hall10:1710:1713:1713:17
Community Centre - Sherwood Hall10:1710:1713:1713:17
Tudor Avenue - Sherwood Hall10:1810:1813:1813:18
Stuart Avenue - Sherwood Hall10:1910:1913:1913:19
Library - Forest Town10:2010:2013:2013:20
School - Forest Town10:2010:2013:2013:20
Queensway - Forest Town10:2110:2113:2113:21
Stanley Road - Forest Town10:2210:2213:2213:22
Langar Place - Forest Town10:2210:2213:2213:22
Walkers Close - Forest Town10:2310:2313:2313:23
Hawkesworth Avenue - Forest Town10:2310:2313:2313:23
Stanley Road - Forest Town10:2410:2413:2413:24
Queensway - Forest Town10:2410:2413:2413:24
Fernwood Close - Forest Town10:2510:2513:2513:25
Crosby Close - Forest Town10:2510:2513:2513:25
Fair View - Forest Town10:2610:2613:2613:26
Fitzwilliam Drive - Forest Town10:2610:2613:2613:26
Sandlands Way - Forest Town10:2710:2713:2713:27

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Monday To Friday
A S D A - Forest Town10:3510:3513:3513:35
Sandlands Way - Forest Town10:3610:3613:3613:36
Fitzwilliam Drive - Forest Town10:3710:3713:3713:37
Fair View - Forest Town10:3810:3813:3813:38
Crosby Close - Forest Town10:3810:3813:3813:38
Fernwood Close - Forest Town10:3910:3913:3913:39
Queensway - Forest Town10:3910:3913:3913:39
Stanley Road - Forest Town10:4010:4013:4013:40
Langar Place - Forest Town10:4010:4013:4013:40
Walkers Close - Forest Town10:4110:4113:4113:41
Hawkesworth Avenue - Forest Town10:4110:4113:4113:41
Stanley Road - Forest Town10:4210:4213:4213:42
Queensway - Forest Town10:4210:4213:4213:42
School - Forest Town10:4310:4313:4313:43
Clipstone Road West - Sherwood Hall10:4410:4413:4413:44
Stuart Avenue - Sherwood Hall10:4410:4413:4413:44
Tudor Avenue - Sherwood Hall10:4510:4513:4513:45
Community Centre - Sherwood Hall10:4510:4513:4513:45
Princess Avenue - Sherwood Hall10:4610:4613:4613:46
Coronation Drive - Sherwood Hall10:4610:4613:4613:46
Oak Tree Lane - Mansfield ( Notts)10:4710:4713:4713:47
Penzance Place - Mansfield ( Notts)10:4810:4813:4813:48
Hollingwell Drive - Mansfield ( Notts)10:4810:4813:4813:48
Jubilee Way North - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:4910:4913:4913:49
Edale Road - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:4910:4913:4913:49
Burnaston Road - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:5010:5013:5013:50
The Golf Centre - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:5010:5013:5013:50
Winster Way - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:5110:5113:5113:51
Teal Avenue - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:5210:5213:5213:52
Sandown Road - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:5310:5313:5313:53
Sawley Drive - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:5310:5313:5313:53
Tesco - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:5310:5313:5313:53
Mappleton Drive - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:5410:5413:5413:54
Oakwood Road - Oak Tree ( Notts)10:5510:5513:5513:55
Industrial Estate - Mansfield ( Notts)10:5610:5613:5613:56
Egmanton Road - Bellamy Road Estate10:5610:5613:5613:56
Colston Road - Bellamy Road Estate10:5710:5713:5713:57
Thorpe Road - Bellamy Road Estate10:5710:5713:5713:57
Old Newark Road - Bellamy Road Estate10:5810:5813:5813:58
Redruth Drive - Bellamy Road Estate10:5810:5813:5813:58
Old Newark Road - Bellamy Road Estate10:5910:5913:5913:59
Thorpe Road - Bellamy Road Estate11:0011:0014:0014:00
The Avenue - Berry Hill Park11:0011:0014:0014:00
Black Scotch Lane - Berry Hill Park11:0111:0114:0114:01
Chestnut Hill - Berry Hill Park11:0211:0214:0214:02
Chatsworth Drive - Berry Hill Park11:0211:0214:0214:02
Woodside Avenue - Berry Hill ( Notts)11:0411:0414:0414:04
Berry Hill Road - Berry Hill ( Notts)11:0611:0614:0614:06
Berry Hill Close - Berry Hill ( Notts)11:0711:0714:0714:07
Recreation Ground - Berry Hill ( Notts)11:0811:0814:0814:08
Windsor Road - Berry Hill ( Notts)11:0811:0814:0814:08
Fisher Lane - Mansfield ( Notts)11:0911:0914:0914:09
Newton Street - Mansfield ( Notts)11:0911:0914:0914:09
St Margaret Street - Mansfield ( Notts)11:1011:1014:1014:10
Baums Lane - Mansfield ( Notts)11:1211:1214:1214:12
Bishop Street - Mansfield ( Notts)11:1411:1414:1414:14
Bus Station - Mansfield ( Notts)11:1611:1614:1614:16

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Mansfield - Oak Tree Estate - Forest Town Bus Route which is situated in the East Midlands of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1ASDAForest Town
2Sandlands WayForest Town
3Fitzwilliam DriveForest Town
4Fair ViewForest Town
5Crosby CloseForest Town
6Fernwood CloseForest Town
7QueenswayForest Town
8Stanley RoadForest Town
9Langar PlaceForest Town
10Walkers CloseForest Town
11Hawkesworth AvenueForest Town
12Stanley RoadForest Town
13QueenswayForest Town
14SchoolForest Town
15Clipstone Road WestSherwood Hall
16Stuart AvenueSherwood Hall
17Tudor AvenueSherwood Hall
18Community CentreSherwood Hall
19Princess AvenueSherwood Hall
20Coronation DriveSherwood Hall
21Oak Tree LaneMansfield
22Penzance PlaceMansfield
23Hollingwell DriveMansfield
24Jubilee Way NorthOak Tree
25Edale RoadOak Tree
26Burnaston RoadOak Tree
27The Golf CentreOak Tree
28Winster WayOak Tree
29Teal AvenueOak Tree
30Sandown RoadOak Tree
31Sawley DriveOak Tree
32TescoOak Tree
33Mappleton DriveOak Tree
34Oakwood RoadOak Tree
35Industrial EstateMansfield
36Egmanton RoadBellamy Road Estate
37Colston RoadBellamy Road Estate
38Thorpe RoadBellamy Road Estate
39Old Newark RoadBellamy Road Estate
40Redruth DriveBellamy Road Estate
41Old Newark RoadBellamy Road Estate
42Thorpe RoadBellamy Road Estate
43The AvenueBerry Hill Park
44Black Scotch LaneBerry Hill Park
45Chestnut HillBerry Hill Park
46Chatsworth DriveBerry Hill Park
47Woodside AvenueBerry Hill
48Berry Hill RoadBerry Hill
49Berry Hill CloseBerry Hill
50Recreation GroundBerry Hill
51Windsor RoadBerry Hill
52Fisher LaneMansfield
53Newton StreetMansfield
54St Margaret StreetMansfield
55Baums LaneMansfield
56Bishop StreetMansfield
57Bus StationMansfield