19C Bus Route -

Masons Arms - New Street
Service operates from 18/06/2018 until 31/12/2018
Service operates Monday to Friday
Service does not run August Bank Holiday
Inbound, Monday to Friday
  19C 1
Donisthorpe, Masons Arms, opp 07:17
Oakthorpe, New Street Hail & Ride, opp 07:19
Oakthorpe, School Street, opp 07:20
Measham, Blackthorn Way, opp 07:22
Measham, The Swan, adj 07:23
Measham, Church, o/s 07:23
Measham, Navigation Street, adj 07:23
Measham, Burton Road, opp 07:24
Measham, Tamworth Road 07:24
Measham, The Croft 07:25
Measham, Dysons Close, adj 07:25
Oakthorpe, Chapel Street, opp 07:27
Acresford, Measham Road, opp 07:32
Netherseal, St Peters Church, Opp 07:35
Netherseal, Hollybush, Adj 07:35
Netherseal, Clifton Road, Adj 07:35
Netherseal, Hawthorn Avenue, Adj 07:35
Netherseal, Gorsey Lane, Opp 07:36
Netherseal, Gunby Farm, Adj 07:37
Netherseal, Gunby Hill, NE-bound 07:37
Overseal, Lullington Road, NE-bound 07:39
Overseal, Burton Road, NW-bound 07:40
Overseal, Coronation Street, Opp 07:40
Overseal, Green Lane, Adj 07:42
Overseal, Burton Road 225, Adj 07:43
Linton (Derbys), Rickmans Corner, Adj 07:44
Linton (Derbys), Mount Pleasant, Opp 07:44
Linton (Derbys), Methodist Church, Adj 07:45
Linton (Derbys), Waterfallows Lane, Opp 07:46
Linton (Derbys), Off Licence, Adj 07:46
Linton (Derbys), School, opp 07:47
Linton (Derbys), Post Office, Adj 07:48
Linton (Derbys), Red Lion, Adj 07:50
Linton (Derbys), Coton Park Corner, adj 07:50
Linton (Derbys), Hillside Road, NE-bound 07:51
Linton (Derbys), Church, Adj 07:51
Castle Gresley, Linton Road Shops, Opp 07:53
Castle Gresley, Bridge Street, Opp 07:53
Castle Gresley, Toons Furnishings, Adj 07:54
Castle Gresley, Mount Road, Adj 07:55
Castle Gresley, Meynell House, Opp 07:56
Castle Gresley, Cadley Hill Roundabout, N-bound 07:57
Stanton/Swadlincote, Gate Inn, Opp 07:59
Stanton/Swadlincote, White Horse, Opp 08:00
Stanton/Swadlincote, Woodland Road, N-bound 08:01
Stanton/Swadlincote, Happy Chef, Adj 08:02
Edge Hill (Staffs), Bretlands Way, Opp 08:03
Edge Hill (Staffs), House no. 109, Opp 08:04
Edge Hill (Staffs), Bluestone Lane, Opp 08:05
Stapenhill, Stanton Road Baptist Church, Adj 08:06
Stapenhill, Woods Lane, opp 08:09
Stapenhill, Main Street, Adj 08:11
Burton upon Trent, Bond Street, Opp 08:16
Burton upon Trent, The Octagon Centre, Adj 08:18
Burton upon Trent, New Street, Stand 3 08:20
  • Commences from Moira.
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