18C Bus Route - Mousehole - Marazion - Goldsitheny - Halye - Cornwall College

Bus OperatorFirst Kernow
DistrictCornwall and Isles of Scilly
RegionSouth West
Bus Routes


18C - Mousehole - Marazion - Goldsitheny - Halye - Cornwall College Operated by First Kernow

Outbound Journey

The Old Coastguard Hotel - Mousehole07:33
Caravan Park - Mousehole07:34
Rosekilly - Newlyn07:35
Opp Lay By - Newlyn07:37
Navy Inn Court - Newlyn07:38
Red Lion - Newlyn07:38
Newlyn Bridge - Newlyn07:40
Lidden Road - Penzance07:40
Lidl - Penzance07:41
Bottom of Alexandra Road - Penzance07:42
Chynance - Penzance07:42
Alexandra Road - Penzance07:44
First and Last - Penzance07:46
Town Centre - Penzance07:48
Bus Station - Penzance07:52
Chyandour - Penzance07:53
Gwel Lewern - Penzance07:54
Sainsburys Entrance - Penzance07:54
Sainsburys - Penzance07:55
B and Q - Penzance07:55
Morrisons - Long Rock07:56
Mexico Inn - Long Rock07:58
Station House - Long Rock07:59
Godolphin Drive - Marazion08:01
Playground - Marazion08:02
The Square - Marazion08:03
Church - Marazion08:03
Silverhouse - Marazion08:04
Chymorvah - Marazion08:04
Cemetery - Marazion08:05
Turnpike Road - Marazion08:05
Perran Crossroads - Perranuthnoe08:07
Collygree Parc - Goldsithney08:08
Queen Street - Goldsithney08:08
St Aubyns - Goldsithney08:09
Varfell Turn - Long Rock08:16
Ludgvan Leaze - Varfell08:17
The Star Inn - Crowlas08:19
Cockwells Turn - Crowlas08:20
Bus Shelter - Whitecross ( Penwith)08:20
The Old School House - Whitecross ( Penwith)08:21
Bus Shelter - Canon's Town08:21
Lamb and Flag Inn - Rose-an- Grouse08:22
Railway Station - St. Erth08:23
Viaduct - Hayle08:28
St Elwyn's Church - Hayle08:28
War Memorial - Hayle08:29
Fore Street - Hayle08:30
Phillack Turn - Hayle08:32
Penmare Terrace - Phillack08:33
Lidl Carwin Rise - Hayle08:35
Mcdonalds - Pool ( Cnwll)08:49
Cornwall College Car Park - Pool ( Cnwll)08:50

Inbound Journey

Cornwall College Car Park - Pool ( Cnwll)16:50
Pool School - Pool ( Cnwll)16:50
Cornwall College - Pool ( Cnwll)16:51
Mcdonalds - Pool ( Cnwll)16:51
Lidl Carwin Rise - Hayle17:03
Penmare Terrace - Phillack17:04
Phillack Turn - Hayle17:06
Fore Street - Hayle17:08
War Memorial - Hayle17:08
St Elwyn's Church - Hayle17:09
Foundry Square - Hayle17:10
Railway Station - St. Erth17:15
Lamb and Flag - Rose-an- Grouse17:15
Bus Shelter - Canon's Town17:16
The Old School House - Whitecross ( Penwith)17:16
Bus Shelter - Whitecross ( Penwith)17:17
Cockwells Turn - Crowlas17:17
The Star Inn - Crowlas17:19
Ludgvan Leaze - Varfell17:20
Varfell Turn - Long Rock17:21
St Aubyns - Goldsithney17:29
Queen Street - Goldsithney17:29
Collygree Parc - Goldsithney17:29
Perran Crossroads - Perranuthnoe17:30
Turnpike Road - Marazion17:32
Cemetery - Marazion17:32
Chymorvah - Marazion17:33
Silverhouse - Marazion17:33
Church - Marazion17:34
The Square - Marazion17:35
Playground - Marazion17:35
Godolphin Drive - Marazion17:36
Station House - Long Rock17:38
Mexico Inn - Long Rock17:40
Morrisons - Long Rock17:41
B and Q - Penzance17:42
Sainsburys - Penzance17:42
Sainsburys Entrance - Penzance17:43
Gwel Lewern - Penzance17:43
Chyandour - Penzance17:44
Bus Station - Penzance17:46
Town Centre - Penzance17:47
Green Market - Penzance17:49
St Claire's - Penzance17:50
Top of Alexandra Road - Penzance17:50
Alexandra Road - Penzance17:51
Chynance - Penzance17:52
Bottom of Alexandra Road - Penzance17:53
Lidl - Penzance17:53
Lidden Road - Penzance17:54
Newlyn Art Gallery - Newlyn17:54
Newlyn Bridge - Newlyn17:55
Red Lion - Newlyn17:56
Fishermans Arms - Newlyn17:56
Lay By - Newlyn17:57
Rosekilly - Newlyn17:58
Caravan Park - Mousehole18:00
The Old Coastguard Hotel - Mousehole18:02

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Mousehole - Marazion - Goldsitheny - Halye - Cornwall College Bus Route which is situated in the South West of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Cornwall College Car ParkPool
2Pool SchoolPool
3Cornwall CollegePool
5Lidl Carwin RiseHayle
6Penmare TerracePhillack
7Phillack TurnHayle
8Fore StreetHayle
9War MemorialHayle
10St Elwyn's ChurchHayle
11Foundry SquareHayle
12Railway StationSt Erth
13Lamb and FlagRose-an-Grouse
14Bus ShelterCanon's Town
15The Old School HouseWhitecross
16Bus ShelterWhitecross
17Cockwells TurnCrowlas
18The Star InnCrowlas
19Ludgvan LeazeVarfell
20Varfell TurnLong Rock
21St AubynsGoldsithney
22Queen StreetGoldsithney
23Collygree ParcGoldsithney
24Perran CrossroadsPerranuthnoe
25Turnpike RoadMarazion
30The SquareMarazion
32Godolphin DriveMarazion
33Station HouseLong Rock
34Mexico InnLong Rock
35MorrisonsLong Rock
36B and QPenzance
38Sainsburys EntrancePenzance
39Gwel LewernPenzance
41Bus StationPenzance
42Town CentrePenzance
43Green MarketPenzance
44St Claire'sPenzance
45Top of Alexandra RoadPenzance
46Alexandra RoadPenzance
48Bottom of Alexandra RoadPenzance
50Lidden RoadPenzance
51Newlyn Art GalleryNewlyn
52Newlyn BridgeNewlyn
53Red LionNewlyn
54Fishermans ArmsNewlyn
55Lay ByNewlyn
57Caravan ParkMousehole
58The Old Coastguard HotelMousehole