14 Bus Route - Hale Barns - Altrincham - Oldfield Brow

DistrictGreater Manchester
RegionNorth West
Bus Routes

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Hale Barns - Altrincham - Oldfield Brow Bus Route which is situated in the North West of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Greenway/Oldfield RoadOldfield Brow
2Seamons Road/Oldfield ShopsOldfield Brow
3Oldfield Road/Gorsey LaneOldfield Brow
4Oldfield Road/Hartley RoadOldfield Brow
5Oldfield Road/John Leigh ParkOldfield Brow
6Oldfield Road/Church StreetOldfield Brow
7Woodlands Road/Cresta Court HotelAltrincham
8Altrincham InterchangeAltrincham
9Lloyd Street/Sainsbury'sAltrincham
10Stamford Park Road/Post OfficeAltrincham
11Stamford Park Road/Football GroundHale
12Grove Lane/Bancroft RoadHale
13Grove Lane/St David'sHale
14Grove Lane/Delahays RoadWell Green
15Grove Lane/Meadow WayWell Green
16Grove Lane/Well Green ShopsWell Green
17Ash Lane/Grove LaneWell Green
18Ash Lane/Tintern DriveWell Green
19Ash Lane/Woburn DriveHale Barns
20Shay Lane/Winchester RoadHale Barns
21Shay Lane/Health CentreHale Barns
22Wicker Lane/Bulls HeadHale Barns