118 Bus Route - Milehouse - John kitto School - St Boniface College - Notre Dame School

Bus OperatorPlymouth Citybus
RegionSouth West
Bus Routes


118 - Milehouse - John kitto School - St Boniface College - Notre Dame School Operated by Plymouth Citybus

Outbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Milehouse L C 1 - Milehouse ( Plymouth)07:43
Queens House - Ford ( Plymouth)07:44
Ford Shops - Ford ( Plymouth)07:45
Lidls - Ford ( Plymouth)07:46
Wolseley Road Flats - Weston Mill07:47
Camels Head Dockyard - Camel's Head07:49
Harbour Avenue - Camel's Head07:50
St Budeaux Square 1 - St. Budeaux07:53
Victoria Road Bottom - St. Budeaux07:54
Evelyn Street - St. Budeaux07:55
Bickham Road - St. Budeaux07:56
Verna Road - St. Budeaux07:57
Victoria Road Top - King's Tamerton07:58
St Budeaux Church - King's Tamerton08:01
Crownhill Road Playing Fields - King's Tamerton08:02
West Park Shops - West Park ( Plymouth)08:04
Ringmore Way - West Park ( Plymouth)08:04
Ashburnham Road - Honicknowle08:06
Honicknowle Green Shops - Honicknowle08:07
Honicknowle Green Health Centre - Honicknowle08:07
Honicknowle Lane - Honicknowle08:08
Shakespeare Road Playing Fields - Honicknowle08:09
Denham Close - Manadon08:10
St. Peters Road Bungalows - Manadon08:10
Chaucer Primary School - Manadon08:11
Conrad Road - Manadon08:12
Sheridan Road East - Manadon08:14
Dryden Avenue - Manadon08:14
Congreve Gardens - Manadon08:14
Sheridan Road Top - Honicknowle08:15
Thackeray Gardens - Honicknowle08:15
Cobbett Road - Honicknowle08:16
All Saints C of E Academy - Honicknowle08:17
Kitto Centre - Pennycross( Plymouth)08:18
Springhill - Manadon08:19
St Pancras Avenue - Pennycross( Plymouth)08:21
Honicknowle Lane - Pennycross( Plymouth)08:23
Cherry Tree - Pennycross( Plymouth)08:25
St Erth Road - Hartley ( Plymouth)08:27
Manadon Wood - Hartley ( Plymouth)08:29
Manadon Roundabout - Manadon08:30
St Boniface College - Manadon08:32
Crownhill Low Level - Crownhill ( Plymouth)08:35
Crownhill Fort - Crownhill ( Plymouth)08:36
Tavistock Road - Crownhill ( Plymouth)08:37
Windsor House - Derriford08:38
Notre Dame Close - Derriford08:39
Notre Dame School Grounds - Southway ( Plymouth)08:40

Inbound Journey

Monday To Friday
Notre Dame School Grounds - Southway ( Plymouth)15:35
Looseleigh Close - Derriford15:35
Derriford Roundabout - Derriford15:37
Tavistock Road - Crownhill ( Plymouth)15:38
William Prance Road - Crownhill ( Plymouth)15:39
Charlton Road - Crownhill ( Plymouth)15:40
Crownhill Low Level - Crownhill ( Plymouth)15:42
Great Berry Road - Manadon15:42
Manadon Roundabout - Manadon15:43
Manadon Wood - Hartley ( Plymouth)15:44
Outland Road Superstore - Hartley ( Plymouth)15:45
Cherry Tree - Pennycross( Plymouth)15:47
Honicknowle Lane - Pennycross( Plymouth)15:47
St Pancras Avenue - Pennycross( Plymouth)15:48
Springhill - Manadon15:48
Kitto Centre - Pennycross( Plymouth)15:49
All Saints C of E Academy - Honicknowle15:50
Cobbett Road - Honicknowle15:50
Swinburne Gardens - Honicknowle15:51
Sheridan Road Top - Honicknowle15:51
Sheridan Road East - Manadon15:53
Shirley Gardens - Manadon15:54
Sheridan Road Middle - Manadon15:54
Sheridan Road East - Manadon15:54
Conrad Road - Manadon15:55
Chaucer Primary School - Manadon15:55
St Peters Road - Manadon15:56
Denham Close - Manadon15:56
Shakespeare Road Playing Fields - Honicknowle15:56
Shakespeare Road - Honicknowle15:57
Stirling House - Honicknowle15:57
Community Centre - Honicknowle15:58
Ashburnham Road - Honicknowle15:58
Ringmore Way - Honicknowle15:59
West Park Shops - West Park ( Plymouth)16:00
Crownhill Road Playing Fields - King's Tamerton16:00
Marrett Road - King's Tamerton16:01
Roman Way - King's Tamerton16:03
Row Lane - St. Budeaux16:04
Victoria Road Tennis Courts - St. Budeaux16:04
Evelyn Street - St. Budeaux16:06
Victoria Road Library - St. Budeaux16:07
St Budeaux Square 2 - St. Budeaux16:08
Harbour Avenue - Camel's Head16:09
Weston Mill Primary School - Camel's Head16:10
Camels Head Post Office - Camel's Head16:10
Cookworthy Road - Weston Mill16:11
Austin Avenue - Ford ( Plymouth)16:11
Lidls - Ford ( Plymouth)16:12
North Prospect Library - Ford ( Plymouth)16:12
Queens House - Ford ( Plymouth)16:13
Milehouse L C 6 - Milehouse ( Plymouth)16:15

Inbound Journey

Map of the - Milehouse - John kitto School - St Boniface College - Notre Dame School Bus Route which is situated in the South West of the UK.

Inbound Bus Stops Served by the Route
1Notre Dame School GroundsSouthway
2Looseleigh CloseDerriford
3Derriford RoundaboutDerriford
4Tavistock RoadCrownhill
5William Prance RoadCrownhill
6Charlton RoadCrownhill
7Crownhill Low LevelCrownhill
8Great Berry RoadManadon
9Manadon RoundaboutManadon
10Manadon WoodHartley
11Outland Road SuperstoreHartley
12Cherry TreePennycross
13Honicknowle LanePennycross
14St Pancras AvenuePennycross
16Kitto CentrePennycross
17All Saints C of E AcademyHonicknowle
18Cobbett RoadHonicknowle
19Swinburne GardensHonicknowle
20Sheridan Road TopHonicknowle
21Sheridan Road EastManadon
22Shirley GardensManadon
23Sheridan Road MiddleManadon
24Conrad RoadManadon
25Chaucer Primary SchoolManadon
26St Peters RoadManadon
27Denham CloseManadon
28Shakespeare Road Playing FieldsHonicknowle
29Shakespeare RoadHonicknowle
30Stirling HouseHonicknowle
31Community CentreHonicknowle
32Ashburnham RoadHonicknowle
33Ringmore WayHonicknowle
34West Park ShopsWest Park
35Crownhill Road Playing FieldsKing's Tamerton
36Marrett RoadKing's Tamerton
37Roman WayKing's Tamerton
38Row LaneSt Budeaux
39Victoria Road Tennis CourtsSt Budeaux
40Evelyn StreetSt Budeaux
41Victoria Road LibrarySt Budeaux
42St Budeaux Square 2St Budeaux
43Harbour AvenueCamel's Head
44Weston Mill Primary SchoolCamel's Head
45Camels Head Post OfficeCamel's Head
46Cookworthy RoadWeston Mill
47Austin AvenueFord
49North Prospect LibraryFord
50Queens HouseFord
51Milehouse LC 6Milehouse