Information for Cae Glas Lane within the council area of Wrecsam - Wrexham
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Cae Glas Lane

Cae Glas Lane is a road within the area of Wrecsam - Wrexham council within the Postcode district

Map of Cae Glas Lane

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Postcodes Near Cae Glas Lane

Place of Worship near Cae Glas Lane

Bethlehem Chapel is 2234.03 metres away
Penuel Baptist Church is 2426.25 metres away
Seion is 2526.07 metres away
St David, Church in Wales is 2528.08 metres away
Bethel is 2571.05 metres away
Chapel Mawr is 2715.59 metres away

Shops near Cae Glas Lane

Public Houses (Pubs) near Cae Glas Lane

Sun Inn is 2187.18 metres away
Royal Oak is 2614.45 metres away
Colliers Arms is 2679.06 metres away
Black Lion is 2925.94 metres away
Horse & Jockey is 2941.22 metres away
The Grapes is 3116.83 metres away

Takeaways near Cae Glas Lane

McDonald's is 9241.86 metres away

Cafes and Restaurants near Cae Glas Lane

Maahis is 5190.76 metres away
One Planet Adventure is 5313.24 metres away
Frankie & Benny's is 5571.24 metres away
Ponderosa Cafe is 8628.39 metres away
The Corn Mill is 9226.29 metres away
Simla is 9334.92 metres away

Supermarkets near Cae Glas Lane

Asda, Wilkinsons is 5421.77 metres away
ALDI is 5455.98 metres away
LIDL is 5847.28 metres away
Tesco Extra is 6217.46 metres away
ASDA is 6436.97 metres away

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